ON DEMAND: Maintaining Legacy Services as Global Technologies Shift from Physical to Cloud

Running time: 50mins including Q&A While 5G is the path to the future, many InterGENerational networks like 2G, 3G, 4G & LTE remain in service—functional and delivering on their promise.  Additionally, there is a dramatic shift going on— from traditional physical infrastructure to an enterprise IT network infrastructure that is distributed, cloud-based and enabled by […]

16 February 2021:<br>How can AI be harnessed to optimise mobility experience?

Hear Vodafone and Continual describe their journey With all the resources that have been invested into mobile networks – providing substantial monitoring budgets, establishing LTE as a nationwide standard and accelerating 5G rollout programmes –why is network experience still painful for subscribers on the move? Why do the words ‘journey’ and ‘route’ seem to be […]

09 February 2021:<br>Fast and Cost-effective 4G Coverage across Europe with Satellite Backhaul

Expanding network coverage to meet the growing demand for connectivity and taking advantage of new market opportunities often comes with challenges, especially in rural and remote areas. Challenges arise from costs associated with running terrestrial backhaul over long distances to multiple new sites, exacerbated by difficult terrain such as mountains, valleys, or heavily forested areas. […]