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Tuning up open source for telecoms

On Demand:
Tuning up open source for telecoms

LONDON | Wednesday 20 November  | 9AM – 2PM | Refreshments & buffet lunch included

On Wednesday 20 November Mobile Europe & European Communications is hosting a roundtable discussion with a select group of industry experts, titled:  Tuning up open source for telecoms.Telecoms’ move towards 5G and full-fibre is raising expectations of high reliability, capacity and speed in networks, low latency and a consistently good experience for users. Getting the configuration right, then fine tuning isn’t magic, but it does have a transformational effect on networks’ performance and scalability.Yet it is extremely difficult to get the tuning just right, compounded by the need to carry it out on a productised version of an open source release – and there is little or no guidance about how to do it.Another little understood aspect of open source in telecoms is that OpenStack deployments in national networks must be certified by the European country in question’s cybersecurity agency. The trick here is to develop an efficient, fast process that can be replicated in many different countries.

The Common NFVI Telco Task Force (CNTT), which was formed in June, is key to both topics. The taskforce will work as an open committee, seeking agreement on a standard set of infrastructure profiles to overcome the problem of there being many versions of NFVi, which forces vendors to generate a different version of their VNFs for each one.

The plan is to simplify and accelerate NFVi developments and deployment, for the benefit of all parties, from NFVi vendors to VNF suppliers, service providers and their customers. The initial work is focused on virtual machines, with container platform profiles next on the agenda to smooth the transition towards the use of containers in telecoms.

These are the critical topics we will be discussing at our roundtable with a small group of invited guests chosen from the industry’s top vendors. It will be held at a premier venue in Central London on 20 November, followed by a networking lunch, plus a golden opportunity for guests to share their success stories and lessons learned with their peers.

Spaces are allocated on an individual basis to relevant senior professionals, subject to approval.



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