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ON DEMAND: Apples to Apples Benchmarking of 5G Networks

In this on-demand webinar by Rohde & Schwarz you will learn about network benchmarking theory and methodology, current operator 5G network strategies and the impact of real-time interactive applications in accordance with the findings from a 5G benchmarking case study.
If we compare things, we always want to do a fair comparison: Apples to apples! We should also follow this principle when comparing the quality of different mobile networks (network benchmarking) to make a valid evaluation.
International standards body ETSI defined a harmonized methodology for network benchmark testing and scoring in a Technical Report that can be used domestically and globally.
This webinar explains the transparent and scalable benchmarking methodology followed by Signals Research Group presenting results from their recent measurement campaign in the Dallas / Fort Worth metro area based on the ETSI procedure.