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ON DEMAND: Driving Smart X world with Private 5G networks

Watch the video recording of the Mobile Europe & European Communications webinar with Accedian and Colt, which took place on 29th September 2021:

Driving Smart X world with Private 5G networks

The fast-growing private network market is set to shape the future of enterprise digitization. All vertical industries are actively exploring, testing, or deploying private 5G networks. Specifically, manufacturing was the most active vertical for private networks as of September 2020, accounting for 28% of all vertical activity.

Industrial interest in private 5G networks has grown as the technology not only meets the security, reliability, and latency requirements of existing wired networks for industrial processes and applications, it also adds mobility and greater flexibility. Colt Technology Services (Colt) has partnered with Accedian, a leader in performance analytics, cybersecurity threat detection, and end user experience solutions, to deliver dynamic, adaptive connectivity solutions to Colt’s enterprise customers, empowering them with real-time visibility and assurance to optimize their digital experiences. Learn how private 5G networks can enable enterprises to unlock the full potential of Industry 4.0.

This webinar with Accedian and Colt covers:

  • Key business drivers and benefits of private 5G networks for different industries
  • Private 5G deployment scenarios, performance guarantees, and architectures

Who should attend: Service providers and enterprises, including those in the industrial manufacturing and real estate (smart buildings and offices) verticals. Analysts and the media are also encouraged to attend.


About Colt

Colt strives to transform the way the world works through the power of connectivity – taking what’s always been in its DNA to enable customers’ success. The Colt IQ Network connects more than 900+ data centres and over 29,000 on net buildings across Europe, Asia and North America’s largest business hubs.

Colt understands today’s shifting connectivity requirements and provides agile, on-demand and secure high bandwidth networking and voice solutions to ensure enterprises can thrive. Customers include data-intensive organisations spanning over 210 cities in more than 30 countries. Colt is a recognised innovator and pioneer in Software Defined Networks (SDN) and Network Function Virtualisation (NFV). Privately owned, Colt is one of the most financially sound companies in the sector, and because of this, it’s able to put its customers’ needs at its core. For more information, please visit www.colt.net.

About Accedian

Accedian is the leader in performance analytics and end user experience solutions, dedicated to providing our customers with the ability to assure their digital infrastructure, while helping them to unlock the full productivity of their users.We are committed to empowering our customers with the ability to see far and wide across their IT and network infrastructure and a microscopic ability to dive deep and understand the experience of every user, helping them to delight their own customers each and every time.

Accedian has been delivering solutions to high profile customers globally for over 15 years. For more information, please visit www.accedian.com



Wednesday, 29 September 2021


2:00 PM - 3:00 PM


  • Aaron Partouche
    Aaron Partouche
    5G & Edge Business Development Director @COLT

    Aaron Partouche has been with Colt for nine years, and was appointed 5G & Edge – New Business Development Director in July 2019. Aaron is responsible for developing new strategic initiatives and partnerships to strengthen Colt’s value proposition in the emerging 5G & Edge market. Previously, Aaron had different roles inside the Marketing & Portfolio organization at Colt: new Joint Value Proposition and marketing initiatives with the key technology & data centre partners and led Product Marketing for the Dark Fibre and Optical portfolio. He also consolidated several alliances with metropolitan stakeholders to move toward the connected city concept. Before joining Colt, Aaron spent his career in the Mobile Industry, selling or supporting the deployment of next generation mobile networks across the world: in China, South-Korea, Middle-East and Europe. Aaron graduated from Telecom SudParis

  • Patrick Ostiguy
    Patrick Ostiguy
    Founder & Executive Chairman, Accedian

    Patrick Ostiguy founded Accedian Networks in 2004 and serves as president, chief executive officer and sits on the board of directors. With over a decade of pertinent telecom industry experience, Patrick is responsible for filing of several Patent Applications and has published dozens of industry conference proceedings and technology articles.
    Prior to founding Accedian, Patrick was co-founder of Avantas Networks and launched the industry’s first portable Ethernet and SONET field-services test-set. Avantas Networks was acquired for $100M by EXFO Electro-Optical Engineering and Patrick continued his role in product management and participated in several M&A activities at the executive level. Prior to Avantas, Patrick was part of the initial Positron Fiber Systems (PFS) team that commercialized the industry’s first Ethernet over SONET Multi-Service Provisioning Platform (MSPP). PFS was acquired by Reltec in 1997 for $200M, and subsequently by Marconi.
    Patrick is the recipient of the Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year award in Quebec for recognition of his technology solutions, his exceptional leadership in driving growth, development and innovation in the industry.
    Patrick holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Sherbrooke.


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